Pussy Liberty

Bread and Roses Theatre, August 2017

In collaboration with She's Diverse

Are you a victim forever, or does the story get to change? We can sometimes lose ourselves in the battle to survive.

A journey of rehabilitation for one young feminist opens a Pandora's Box of hurt and pain. In a melodic yet naturalist style, we go alongside main character Blaire as she loses herself in the fight for equality whilst throwing a spanner in the works of the relationship of her best friend and boyfriend. But all is not so grim, this play is jam packed with sarcasm and wit as life shows us that even in the toughest of times, there is something to laugh about.


'My power is not in my ability or inability to open or close my legs at any given time. My liberty is beyond that'

"A witty and intelligent piece, Pussy Liberty has great potential to cover the vastly neglected areas in modern writing. With an interesting twist on what it is to be a ‘victim’ in today’s changing society, She’s Diverse are in a strong position to create further unique works." - Riot in the Cheap Seats

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