AI Love You

In collaboration with Heart to Heart Theatre

7 - 11 February, VAULT Festival 

★★★★★ Spy in the Stalls

★★★★ The Peg

★★★★ PubTheatres1

★★★★ “Emotionally charged, deeply moving piece… I was left with goosebumps” – West End Wilma

Meet Adam and April: a regular twenty something couple who enjoy socialising, going to the gym and bingeing on Netflix. They were very nearly blissfully generic, aside from one important detail- one of the pair is an ‘artificially intelligent companion’, tailor made for the other.

Despite their unusual circumstances, Adam and April were hopelessly happy until unexpected health concerns began looming over their relationship. Now they have been plunged into a chaotic battle of ethics and emotions: grieving for what they haven’t yet lost, and arguing about how long an artificially intelligent partner should suffer a hopeless future on behalf of their beloved. The corporation who choreographed their love, Creative Biolife, bring their story to your attention for this “challenging, emotionally and fundamentally human piece of art” (The Peg).

Casting the audience as the ‘Creative Biolife Ethical Steering Committee’, you decide the fate of Adam and April through the power of your vote. In this “magnificent, complex” show (A Spy in the Stalls), who lives and who dies is in your hands. With the role of robot swapping between the pair each night, we explore the influence of gender roles and the idea of the ownership inherent to monogamy, presenting in turns a man who won’t let a woman walk away versus a female lover who can’t love a man enough to let him go. Join us for A.I. Love You, “an hour of thrilling debate” experience an “assault on the moral and ethical fibres” of your brain (West End Wilma); grapple with the unique complications introduced by the artificially intelligent nature of their union, and make heart-breaking decisions about their lives that linger long after the lights have gone up.


Age guidance: 15+

Running time: 60 minutes, no interval

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